Case Technologies Reality Capture Workshop Honored by

The American Institute of Architects 

Technology in Architectural Practice

2017 Innovation Awards

Category D: Practice-based or Academic Research, Curriculum or Applied Technology Development

About the Award

The Innovation Awards recognize the exemplary use and implementation of innovative technologies and progressive practices among architects and designers, their collaborators, and their clients, in support of the design, delivery and operation of buildings or research in practice and academia.

Reality Capture Workshop is a long-term collaborative project to create a complete digital documentation of a historical city and a methodology for the information dissemination. The project is located in the city of Volterra, Italy. The main purpose of this workshop is to provide an International educational and research experience in which students and professionals learn to use innovative reality capture technologies and collaboratively produce three dimensional computer models of the ancient city of Volterra, its archaeological remains and some of its treasured artwork.

The workshop provides the participants with hands-on experience in using laser scanning, drones and cameras to capture the city and some of its treasured artworks into digital models. The workshop is organized by the specialists in the field, and with support of the hardware and software companies. It provides an opportunity for participants to experiment with the new, innovative technologies while collaboratively producing digital replicas of one of the most interesting cities in the world.

"This project is extraordinary in its scope and aspiration and a great example of using typical reality capture tools in atypical ways." - Jury comment