Plug-in Tools and Programming

Case Technologies offers programming services to create plug-in tools for customized applications that make our customers more productive in the way they utilize their software.  If you have a need to automate a process using Autodesk software, please contact us for a complimentary consultation on how we could assist you in creating a custom plug-in application.

We also offer the following tools - please contact us for a demonstration and pricing:

Case Library - CADD Standards Content Management and Delivery

One of the biggest problems any company has with implementing/enforcing CADD standards is providing users with a simple and efficient means to complying with the adopted standards. While the solutions to this problem vary widely, and can include a multitude of methods for maintenance and delivery including both AutoCAD built-in functionality and any variety of add-on applications. Many of the solutions available, while capable of meeting the needs of CADD managers, require additional infrastructure (database servers/applications, etc.) and/or require an extensive amount of time from the managers and their designers to keep the standards content correct, complete and current.

Case Library is a library/standards management and delivery add-on application for AutoCAD© based products. The Library provides for management of 
blocks/symbols, layers, text/dimension styles, multileader styles and page setups for plotting. Library maintenance is handled via drawing file content, so that library maintenance is accomplished within a familiar interface without any need for extra infrastructure. Users simply need read access to the library location. Content managers will be using an interface they are already familiar with and comfortable using.

Case Library is simple, yet flexible enough to provide for simple grouping and categorization of symbology, unlimited layer sets and if necessary, 
multiple library folders could be generated to provide even greater range of standard sets.