Appropriate training is the most important factor of assuring that your software investment will be maximized through increased staff productivity. All of our classes are designed to teach you the most productive ways to use the software from experienced instructors who are knowledgeable not only in the software but also in the production environment. Our training is completely customized to your company’s specific processes and ideally utilizes your project data to assure the content is relevant to your specific project types and workflows. 

At Case Technologies, we back our training and commitment with free telephone support, and assistance for each student during the life of the software version.

Formal training Classes
While we can offer official training courseware from our software vendors, we prefer to customize the training to best meet the unique needs of our clients business and specific workflows. We will meet with you prior to training to discuss your objectives and devise an appropriate curriculum to meet your expectations. If possible, we will use one of your current projects as training material to assure that your training is specific to your project types and you will leave training with a start on your project. We are committed to your training satisfaction and survey all students and follow up with you to assure we have met your expectations.
Project Assistance Training
We believe that it is best to deliver training incrementally in smaller amounts rather than risking overwhelming students with too much information that they cannot effectively absorb. Therefore, we realize that you will encounter unique situations as you are implementing new technology on projects where you will need additional training that was beyond the scope of the initial fundamental training. We will therefore structure training specific to your needs as you are implementing on the more advanced features of the software. This process will help you meet the challenges of your projects and provide training that is specific to your companies needs.
Training Centers

If you do not have space or just prefer to be out of your office for training, we offer spacious and comfortable training rooms that are equipped with state of the art computer equipment and overhead projectors.

On-Site Training
If you would prefer to have training at your site, we are pleased to do so and can train using your computer equipment or through our mobile training center laptops.

Web-Based Training
We can provide training through web-conferencing as well so you may learn right from the convenience of your own desk.

Starboard Technology
Case Technologies utilizes state-of-the-art interactive whiteboard technology – Starboard from Hitachi – in its training center to enhance the learning experience. This system allows the instructor to demonstrate the use of software applications literally “hands-on”; permitting students to follow along more clearly in a more engaging learning environment. The system also permits the instructor to annotate right on the screen, capturing important commentary on the topics being covered. These annotations are automatically collected into a document which is then distributed to all students providing a more meaningful synopsis of the lesson.

Aside from providing a better learning environment, the Starboard system also provides students with an introduction to technology that is being increasingly utilized within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry to enable Building Information Modeling collaborative design and coordination sessions.

Case Technologies is a reseller for the Starboard system and can assist your organization in implementing a collaborative BIM environment for your offices or construction sites. 

Learn more about a real world implementation of the Starboard see the McKamish Case Study.