Back to School with Case Technologies Training


It’s hard to believe that it is that time of year again.  The end of summer is a great time to think about all of the many aspects of your business that could be extended or enhanced through better use of your technological investments and to plan a training program for the fall to get you there.


Research shows that appropriate training of staff on technology applications and processes has a dramatic impact on productivity and on positive outcomes in project delivery.  Furthermore, most organizations utilize only a small percentage of all of the technology tools and processes that their software contains due to a lack of knowledge on their application.

Case Technologies is here to help.  Our team of experienced AEC and Civil and Environmental industry professionals has the combination of industry knowledge along with the technological expertise to assist your company in understanding the business challenges and in developing a comprehensive technological plan to achieve your strategic vision.  Our training is completely customized to your company’s specific processes and ideally utilizes your project data to assure the content is relevant to your specific project types and workflows.


So please contact us to discuss your organizations needs and we will be happy to help devise a training plan that will help meet your objectives and improve your company’s efficiencies.

Mention our “back to school” promotion and we will provide a 10% discount on any training scheduled by the end of September, 2017.


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